About Us

Our theatres are situated right in the middle of your neighborhoods. We pride ourselves on managing and owning those good old fashioned theatres, where the seats are comfortable and the popcorn is popped fresh.

Along with staffs and managment that recognizes many of our patrons by name or face,  we continue to keep our guests coming back film after film. You can bet you will find the kind of neighborhood experience you are looking for in one of our theatre locations.


All locations offer gift cards which can be purchased directly at the box office locations



Many of our theatres participate in in-theatre promotions with the various film studios. These promotions can range from t-shirts or DVD give-a-ways, to full theatre promotions. Contact your local theatre to see what promotions we have in store for the upcoming film releases.


Our theatres are all equipped to accept most major credit cards. We accept cards at both the box office and the concession stands, for our guest’s convenience. Many of our locations also have ATM machines available to our patrons as well.



Looking for a new or unique way to celebrate a birthday? Why not let us host it? Hollywood Style! Many of our theatres arrange parties that feature the newest releases in kid’s films, accompanied of course by traditional goodies from our concession stands. A memorable event for children of all ages! Contact your local theatre for more information on our birthday party program.



Premiere Tickets are available at all of our locations. These discount tickets, sold in books of 50, are perfect for fundraisers, corporate incentives, or holiday rewards. Contact your local theatre for more information on Premiere Tickets.

Note: Some restrictions based on Film Company Regulations may apply. Excludes Drive Ins   


Our theatres offer a great place to host a special group showing - scout troop, church or school group, any group! You can arrange these events during regularly scheduled public shows or at an exclusive private screening, where you would have the entire auditorium to yourself. These arrangements must be made in advance for all our theatres by calling the theater location directly.   Our Concessions stands are always available for that full theatre effect.


Corporate Contact Info: 55 Cambridge Pkwy, Suite 200, Cambridge, MA 02142
phone: 617-499-2700 | fax: 617-225-0897 |
*Each theatre is individually owned and operated

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